John Donne’s Song


06 Nov: John Donne’s Song

Mary Kelley's song "John Donne's Song" was released on November 4, and is now available on all the usual outlets for digital music, including iTunes, Amazon and Spotify. We had some fine contributions on this recording: from regular collaborator, Dave Lebolt on harmonium, tiple and dulcimer; Factrix guitar ace Bond Bergland on mandolin; vintage instrument aficionado Edmond Badoux on hurdy gurdy; and from harmony vocalist Katherine Wethington…

26 Dec: New Song by Mary Kelley

Here's a preliminary mix of new song that San Francisco singer-songwriter Mary Kelley and I have been working on, entitled "John Donne's Song," an adaptation of a poem of that name by 16th century English poet John Donne. This all-acoustic piece is a bit of a departure for us, much more traditional and spare than the majority of our pieces. But it's got a great feel and still fits in well with Mary's other work. Aside from Mary and myself, the piece features…